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Dear Beneficiary:

I trust you are well? my name is Rabin Bourret, and the Chief Financial Officer at Deutsche Bank AG, we are contacting you regarding your fund worth GBPЈ15,964,890.00 which you have not received and we have sent several e-mails to you regarding this fund which you have not responded and this will be the last notice we are going to send to you about this fund, and if you don't claim this fund now it will be cancelled.

Meanwhile, after due scrutiny and verification, we confirm that you have fulfilled all the necessary obligations that will enable the release of your payment to you, but yet your payment was not released to you due to one flimsy excuse or the other from the Bank officials in charge of your payment, because they had the intention of diverting your fund to their private accounts in order to satisfy their selfish interest.

Now, all modalities regarding your fund release have been put in place with our bank through the right Authorities. Thus, your fund has been made ready for final release via the easiest means as we can expedite action for the accreditation of your fund into any of your personal/company accounts immediately. We wish to advise you to reply to this payment order along with a copy of your Driver’s License or International Passport for identification so as to enable us commence with the final release of your fund as approved. All the approval documents will be made available to you upon your response. This payment notice remains private for security reasons.

Further details shall be disclosed to you upon your reply.

In anticipation for your urgent cooperation.

Yours Sincerely.

Mrs. Rabin Bourret

Chief Financial Officer

Deutsche Bank AG

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